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Having a professional headshot shows you’re serious about your career and yourself.   Don’t leave your digital image to a cell phone “selfie” or poorly exposed point and shoot.   

Headshots are all about you.  Your story, your biography.  Make sure your current digital image tells the story you want.


Don't like to have your picture taken? most people don't.  Not to worry, It's my job to capture the real you,  without the pressure and fake smiles. 

About Me

Chip Smith - 

Hello, I'm a Headshot photographer located in Woodstock GA, with one simple thing in mind, make the best images I can for you, that's it.  No over the top session fees, no big production, Just a great image that captures you!  


Make your online image the best it can be.  It's your digital presents, it's you!



Session Inforamtion -  


  • Let’s make this simple - You and I want the same thing, great images without all the confusing pricing.  Well, here it is, one price that includes everything but your prints.  No additional fees for post processing, no extra packages to buy, pricing made simple again.

  • One half hour session to deliver Two of your best images including image retouching. I'm not strict on the number of shots, it's more important to get the images you like. Selected images will include image retouching, color correction, sharpness, and cropping, blemish removal, brighton eyes, whiten teeth, and skin smoothing. All for Just $105.00*

  • No fee guarantee - If I don't capture at least 2 images that meet your expectations, the session can be cancelled at no cost to you.

  • Headshot Images - 2 High Res digital images (with license) delivered for $105.00**.

  • Printed images - Printed images start at $20.00. No minimum purchase required.  

  • in most cases, I offer same day turn around on images.  Images can be emailed to you   or provided on CD-ROM

*Group options available by request

**additional - $10.00/each

Sessions can be held in my studio or on a  location of  your choice. Groups session are welcome. 

Contact me for details.


Tel: 770-655-2260

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"Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work."  

                                                      - Martin Parr